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Taobao future purchases

Posted on 2013.10.03 at 12:38
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While I have love for Infanta, I feel like they are currently pricing themselves too high. Their new jsk "Cream Meow/Cream Cat" is extremely cute, but I feel the $100 price tag (this is not including a headbow or domestic and international shipping which could easily add another $20-$30) is a huge difference from Dolly House, which cost me around $100 with the headbow and shipping. If this jsk were 200-150 yuan cheaper I would probably consider getting it right away. Instead, I'm looking at Chess Story. I am certainly going to purchase Unicorn Castle. I own their Starry Night Angel jsk and I adore it far more than my Infanta Dolly House jsk.
I wish I could buy the OP, but it has no shirring and that just won't work with my boobage no matter how tight the sports bra. I'm most likely going to purchase the bluexwhite jsk:

I'm not incredibly ecstatic about the bodice of this dress, but a nice, flowing blouse would probably spice it up. The only other design they have is of a salopette and while it looks more like a jsk than a salopette (in terms of Angelic Pretty designs), I would still feel more comfortable with the jsk.
This dress is 436 yuan (about $72) and I simply adore the print (Chess Story's artist is really wonderful).
I'm going to need to sell my Dolly House jsk to get the money towards this one and I will probably post it in the next few days.

AnimeNext 2013

Posted on 2013.06.15 at 20:22
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Just attended animenext last weekend and I had a blast!
I cosplayed Friday and part of Saturday and the rest of the weekend I wore lolita. I had a panic attack when I realized that I had left my petticoat at home! Ugh I was so angry that I'd forgotten it. It's such a nice fluffy petticoat from Classical Puppets. I asked a girl I was rooming with if I could borrow a petticoat. She literally gave me the flattest cotton petticoat. I'm pretty sure it was honestly just an underskirt. SO. I rolled it up to give me a bit of poof on my Lav. Starry Night Angel. I wallowed in self pity on Saturday as I made my way through the con in my pettiless dress. I went to Baby's booth first and the only petti they were selling was $121! Not wanting to spend all my money on just a petticoat, I walked around the Dealer's room in hopes to find someone else selling a cheaper one. I checked all the shitty "lolita" shops that were about and luckily at this one shop I found one of those stiff organza ones for cheap. Snagged that bitch and put it on. Instantly felt SO much better. I got compliments on my coord and this continued into Sunday when I wore my Dreamy Dollhouse jsk. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get a chance to meet up with my comm. By the time I'd headed to the fashion show, they were already seated and I didn't want to bother them :/ oh well. Maybe I will be able to go to a meet-up sometime. I just wish I had a lolita friend to go with me to those meet ups.

Anyways the con was great and I bought myself a really cute Rilakkuma backpack and some OTKs from Baby that go great with my Dreamy Dollhouse. uvu I'm going to be going to Connecticon next month to see my girlfriend so I'm super excited to wear lolita again then.

Here's some pics from ANext!
Derplita Part 2No glasses
Looking at the green lakeDreamy Dollhouse
DerplitaStarry Night Angel

I really should post here more

Posted on 2013.05.30 at 22:22
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It's actually been over a year since I made an entry...yikes!
Anyways, I just recently came back from Clovercon 2013 and it was wonderful! I had a great time.
I sold at my table and brought home $500 in profit! AND I got to do a lolita panel which I hope was very informative for the ones that attended. Next weekend I will be going to AnimeNEXT! I'll get to meet up with the girls from my comm and see the CEO and Designers of BABY. It's going to be awesome c:
I plan on wearing my Infanta Dreamy Dollhouse jsk and my Chess Story Starry Night Angels jsk.
I almost purchased the sax re-release of Milky Planet but I ended up not doing so. :c As much as I love it, I really need to put that money towards better places. /sigh
Well maybe one day I will own a piece of brand ;v;

Here's a pic of me at my table for Clovercon:

CloverCon 2012!

Posted on 2012.05.21 at 13:32
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I went to a small con this past weekend which was only one day (Sunday).
It's a really lovely con with really awesome people.
I wore my Sugary Carnival replica to it and got lots of comments and compliments for my coord.
A few people touched my lion's mane of a wig, and that kind put me off. They weren't malicious but I'd spent a lot of time trying to de-frizz and re-curl it. I wouldn't have minded if they'd asked.
Anyway, it was fun and worth the hour+ ride up and the money I put into it.
I definitely made a profit and can't wait until I sell again.

More Dresses

Posted on 2012.05.07 at 02:42

Meta Perfume Bottle Shirring

Meta Blooming Garden

Meta Twinkle Journey

Dream Dresses

Posted on 2012.03.21 at 01:15

AP Sugary Carnival

AP Candy Treat

AP Cherry Berry Bunny

AP Milky-chan of the Fawn

BTSSB Cherry Cherry Fallin' Cherry

Meta March of the Duck & Meta Candy Star Rabbit

Posted on 2012.03.16 at 18:56

A Sherlock Chibi I made <3 I want to make a John too.

Sam, Cas, and Dean drawn for Artist Alley.
It's not easy kawaii-fying them, probably because they are some sexy motherfuckers.